Making External Guests Members on a SharePoint Site

In many cases, external users have sufficient privileges to files if you share the top-level folder you want them to have access to using a Share to specific people link and their external email address. In some cases, it may be necessary to make external users actual Members of the SharePoint site in order to use some of the additional features that SharePoint offers beyond basic file sharing.

INFO: For more info on External User versus Guest user, see Compare external and guest access


  1. In O365, a SharePoint site owner can add the external user to the Members group for the SharePoint site. When first trying to add an external user to the member's group, then it will send an invite. Once the invite has been sent, then the now Guest user can be added to the site's Member's group (or given other permissions, group membership, etc) TIP: it is easier if they have email used for other Microsoft online services
  2. A guest invitation will get sent by email to the external user
  3. The external user needs to accept the invitation (NOTE: They may need to check their spam folder)
  4. After the user accepts the invitation, go to Add User to the site's Member group again to grant access
  5. The external Guest user should then be able to access the site url, although they will need to log in with their guest account.
    • NOTE: They may need to log out of other accounts they use to access Microsoft Resources in their company.

The Guest Users' properties can be edited in Azure Active Directory to edit Display Name, Full Name, and Company or other info in their user properties.



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