SharePoint FAQs

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about SharePoint and also provides some basic guidelines for its use.



SharePoint FAQ and Guidelines are as follows:

  • Are there any guidelines on syncing?

Sync should only be used for data that is not restricted per the UMS data classification, or disallowed by the individual's department.  Questions may be directed to the Information Security Office.  

  • How do I remove folders/files from my computer without deleting them from the cloud?

If you delete a SharePoint folder or file on your computer that is under the OneDrive - University of Maine System folder, then on the next sync, it will delete it from the cloud as well.

DO NOT use delete to remove OneDrive folders/files from your computer if you do not intend to delete them from the cloud as well. If you accidentally did, reach out to the site owner as soon as possible so they can restore the files from the site's Recycle Bin in SharePoint online.

Instead, right-click on the item and select Free Up Space from the menu that appears. The folder/files will still be listed in the directory on your local computer but will have a cloud for the sync status icon because it no longer is stored on your local computer. See Configure OneDrive for work or school for On-Demand Syncing. If you do not wish to see it at all, you can have the owner remove your rights to the folder/file.

  • If a file gets deleted, how long do I have to get it restored before it is gone for good?

See SharePoint File Recovery Time Window

  • Are there any restrictions on file names, sizes and/or types?

Yes. See Microsoft Office Restrictions and Limitations in OneDrive and Sharepoint

  • Where are my department folders? I do not see them in my OneDrive client.

Department folders are actually stored in SharePoint and even though you can access them through your OneDrive client, they do not automatically show up there. First you need to go to OneDrive online, select Shared from the left navigation pane, then search for them. They may be listed in the Shared with you tab or you may need to use the search box at the top to search for them by name. Once located, then click the three-dot menu to the right of the item and click Add to MyFiles. After that is done, the item will show up in the OneDrive client as well.


WARNING: Items shared with you from external SharePoint and OneDrive instances (example: State of Maine's SharePoint) cannot be linked/added to My Files. They can be accessed in Shared.
WARNING: When linking folders to My Files, link the highest folder you have access to. Trying to link a folder that is within an already linked folder will present an error.
  • How do I request a new SharePoint Site?

Create a ticket with the Help Desk, including a description of the SharePoint sites' primary use, types of permissions the site needs, preferred name for the site, and contact info for at least 2 site owners. See How to request a New SharePoint Site.

  • How can I review who has rights to my SharePoint site.

Create a Report on file and folder sharing in a SharePoint site


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