Using Kaltura Capture for Brightspace and personal recordings

Kaltura Capture - Instructional use of Kaltura Capture for Brightspace and personal recordings


When you use this the first time, you will want to download it to your computer.

  1. Sign in to your Mycampus Portal (SSO) at
  2. Login into Kaltura by clicking the Kaltura icon from the Launchpad drop down on the let hand side of the portal. 
    • A new page will open, you may need to select the campus you are affiliated with to proceed to the Kaltura tool.
  3. After launching Kaltura program, select +ADD NEW (upper right hand corner)

  4. Click *NEW* Kaltura Capture link from the pulldown menu. 

  5. Kaltura recording tool will open for you to begin your recording(s)

Recording Options

By default, all recording inputs are configured to the optimal quality available, so you can start recording. If you would like to change the default input settings, camera, screen or audio, please see the article Kaltura Personal Capture Recording Options for information on how to modify the default recording inputs.

Recording with Kaltura Personal Capture

To start recording with Kaltura Personal Capture, simply click the red button, or change your recording options before you begin. See the following articles for information about how to use the application: (Follwoing links will redirect to Kaltura direct instructional documentation).

For more information. see the Kaltura Capture User Guide.


Desktop and Brightspace Video recording tool.

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