How Do I Register a Code Generator token for use with MFA?

These directions will guide you through registering a code generating token for use with UMS MFA.

Please see the article titled "Where can I obtain a MFA code generating token?" for information on how you can obtain the token.


  • Associate your University-provided code generator with your account
    1. Access the MFA Manager.
    2. Select the “Code Generating Tokens” tab.
    3. Enter the S/N found on the rear of your provided hardware token, then select “Associate."
      • If you have already activated MFA with another device, you will be prompted by Duo in order to authorize the association of the code generating token to your account. 
  • Use your code generating token
    1. When prompted by Duo, select the device option, "Token."
    2. Select "Enter a password."
    3. Click the button on your hardware token to display a 6-digit code.
    4. Enter the 6-digit code into the Duo prompt, and select "Log in."
  • What to do if using a code receives an "invalid code" response.


  • Duo Multi-factor Authentication



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