MFA - I entered my code from my code generator or Duo app, but it doesn't work

When prompted for an authentication key, you may find that the key you enter does not work. 


  1. Enter three consecutive and correct passcodes from your code-generating hardware token or your Duo Mobile account in three successive authentication attempts within 5 minutes.
    1. The first two authentications will fail, however the passcodes will resynchronize and the third authentication should succeed.
    2. Users who attempt to authenticate three or more consecutive times with a hardware token or a Duo Mobile account that is out-of-sync by less than 1000 events will automatically resync to Duo's servers. After this automatic resync, authentications using the token or Duo Mobile will resume as normal. 
    3. This standard resynchronization algorithm for HOTP passcodes is a secure method of resynchronization and does not pose a security risk because the OTP seed is not changed.
  2. If you're still having trouble accessing your account, please contact IT Support Services. After proper authentication, IT staff will either reactivate your Duo Mobile Account or manually resynchronize your hardware token.


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Mon 3/14/22 9:17 AM
Thu 5/19/22 11:49 AM
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