Wishcamper 102 - Classroom

This will outline the details and basic tips and tricks for operating the equipment in room 102 of the Wishcamper building.


Wishcamper 102 is one of the classrooms located on the USM Portland Campus. You can operate most of the audiovisual (AV) equipment from the wall-mounted touch panel located to the right of the whiteboard. Other pieces of in-room equipment include:

  • Computer
  • LCD Projector
  • Laptop Connection (HDMI)
  • Speakers
  • Handheld Microphone
  • LAV Microphone

Operating the Touch Panel

Most of the room's equipment is controlled by a touch panel located on the lectern. This section describes how to use that panel, step by step.

Turning the System On

When you first arrive, the touch panel may appear as a black screen, but should turn on automatically once it senses movement in front of it. You should be presented with the following screen. Touch it and to begin the start-up process.

The start screen. It has the University of Southern Maine written on it, as well as the university's logos and a prompt to Start the system.

As part of this process, the projector will turn on and the touch panel display will change to a loading message.

Operating the System

Once it has loaded, you should be presented with the following screen.

The touch panel's main menu, described in more detail below.

From this screen you are presented with the following options :

  • Input Select: At the top of the screen is a list of inputs. By selecting an input, you choose which device will display on the monitors and projector. In order from left to right, your choices are:
    • PC: The in-room PC, located in the closet labeled 102B.
    • HDMI: The device currently plugged into the wall plate via an HDMI connection
    • DVD: The DVD player, located in the closet labeled 102B.
  • Projector: The left sidebar allows you to control the room's projector. In descending order, your options are OnOff, & Mute. Mute will turn off both audio and display without powering the device off, and is always recommended over turning the device off.
  • Master Volume: The sidebar on the right allows you direct control over the volume of the room's speakers. In descending order, your options are Volume IncreaseVolume Decrease, and Mute.
    • All Mic Mute: Selecting this gray button beneath the audio controls will allow you to mute all microphones connected to the system.
  • Other Options: The menu located at the bottom of the screen provides you with a variety of other options. From left to right, these options are:
    • Screen Control: This allows you to control the projector screen and have it ascend or descend.
    • Help: This button will provide you a phone number to call if you need help with technical issues.
    • Wired Microphone Control: This allows you to control the volume of microphones currently connected to the system via a wired connection.
    • Wireless Microphone Control: This allows you to control the volume of microphones currently connected to the system via a wired connection.
    • Power Down: Power down the system when you are finished with the room's equipment. This is described in further detail below.

Power Down the System

Best practice is to always power down the system once you are finished with the room's equipment.

  • If you used the in-room PC, please shut that down first.
  • On the touch panel, press the Power Down button. You will presented with a confirmation screen. If you are sure that you are done with the room's equipment, hit the green Power Down button to confirm your selection. You will be presented with another loading screen as the system takes its time to shut down.
    • As part of the process, the projector and the camera will be turned off, and the monitors will no longer display any input.
  • If you used any of the room's wireless microphones, please return them to their charging station.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

Check out our article on Troubleshooting Classroom Technology for tips and tricks on how to resolve common issues with classroom equipment.

Or, if you are having trouble with Zoom or the room's camera, check out our article on operating Zoom Room Technology.


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