USM's Zoom Rooms

This will outline the details and basic tips and tricks for setting up Zoom Rooms across USM campuses.



There are many of these types of rooms located on all three campuses. They use a button controller to run the audiovisual system in the room as well as have installed Zoom equipment ready to go. Other equipment may include:

  • Computer
  • LCD projector
  • Camera
  • Document Camera
  • Microphones
  • Laptop Connection
  • Speakers

Classroom Training Videos

Zoom Room Troubleshooting

  • Camera and Camera Remote
    • Attendees can't see me.
      • Make sure the camera option in Zoom has been started.
      • Make sure proper camera is selected MEI USB3.0 CAPTURE DEVICE.
    • Camera isn't responding to the remote controls.
      • Under camera select at the top of the remote, select the white number 1 button.
      • Make sure remote is pointed towards the camera in the back.
        • If still not operating, could be bad batteries. Give Media Services a call.
  • Microphones and Speakers
    • Can't hear the attendees/ attendees can't hear me.
      • Typically the microphones you'll end up selecting is the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (TesiraFORTE).
      • Typically the speakers you'll end up selecting is the ExtronScaler.
    • Speaker volume is muted / too low.
      • Check the Black Box's control panel and make sure the volume knob is turned up.
        • Rotating clockwise increases volume.
      • Check Window's volume control (speaker icon located in the lower right hand side of the task bar).
        • Make sure the volume bar that appears is unmuted/ set at desired volume level.
  • Document Camera
    • I don't see the document camera's image.
      • Make sure document camera is powered on.
        • If document camera is not powering on, give Media Services a call.
      • Make sure the camera option in Zoom has been started.
      • Make sure proper camera is selected Doccamera.
    • Document camera's image is blurry/ difficult to see.
      • Click the "Auto/Ok" button in the middle to focus the document camera.
      • Click the "Light" button to make sure the document camera has plenty of light.
      • Make sure the document camera isn't completely zoomed in or zoomed out by clicking the "+" and/ or "-" magnifying glass button.
  • Zoom App
    • Share Screen
    • Recording
      • Being a public machine, always record to the cloud.
        • Cloud recordings stay in Zoom up to 14 days.
        •  All Zoom cloud recordings will automatically be sent to your Kaltura account.
          • Use Kaltura to share the recording vs using the Zoom cloud recording.
    • Host Controls

Additional Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any other technical difficulties, check out our article on Troubleshooting Classroom Technology for tips and tricks on how to resolve common issues with classroom equipment.


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