Recovering Department files from a former employee's OneDrive

Departmental files should be stored in SharePoint, but if after an employee leaves and it turns out they had files in their OneDrive that are needed by the Department/team then it is possible to recover those files and reassign ownership of them to a supervisor so they can be moved to a more appropriate location for sharing and collaboration, as long as the request to do so comes in before 30 days after the former employees UMS ID has been de-provisioned.



  1. The supervisor (or similarly appropriate person) should create a ticket with the Help Desk including the following information:
    • UMS username for the former employee
    • Date the employee left the University
    • Folder/Files that need to be recovered (if file path information is known)
    • UMS username for the person who will take ownership of them (preferably a SharePoint site owner, who will migrate the files to an appropriate location in SharePoint)


  • OneDrive


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