How to un-install the Google ZOOM add-on and then reinstall for Google Calendar use.

Step by step instructions for un-installing and installation of "Zoom for Google Workspace" app (add-on), to be used in coordination with Google Calendar.


  1. Sign in your UMS Gmail account
  2. To the far right is a side dashboard displaying your Gmail add-ons.
    • (if you are not seeing the right side bar, at the very lower right should be an expand arrow to open it).
    • If you do not need to un-install the app, skip to step 11.
  3. Graphic showing location of side dashboard and expanding arrow
  4. Click the ZOOM icon to bring up the add-on options. 
  5. In the pop-up, click the 3 vertical dots to access the options panel.
  6. Then click Manage add-on.
  7. Graphic showing detail where to click the 3 vertical dots to access the options panel
  8. This will open a new pop-up window with the option to un-install
  9. Click the "Uninstall" button to run that process.
  10. Graphic showing pop-up window with the option to uninstall
  11. Once un-installed go back to the right side bar in Gmail and click the '+' symbol (see graphic 1). This will open the Google add-on application search.
  12. Select "Zoom for Google Workspace" to install/reinstall the Zoom app.
  13. Graphic showing add-on application search window,  and which Zoom app to choose
  14. Zoom app will now be accessible in Google Calendar for your account.


  • UMS Gmail and Google Calendar: Zoom application.
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