Can I use Add-ins, Add-ons, and Apps?

Add-ins, add-ons, and apps provide additional features and increased functionality that in some cases allow automation and improved interaction with content. Following the considerations below, eligible faculty, staff, and students at all UMS campuses can use them. They can be found within each service’s respective app center or marketplace.

Detailed Information

Danger: Restricted or confidential data should not be used with add-ins, add-ons, apps (even if the service they connect to is approved for use with one or more sensitive data types). You are responsible for ensuring that your use of UMS cloud services, including any add-ins, add-ons, and apps, complies with laws, policies, and regulations where applicable. You must also pay close attention to the classification of data used in documents created using add-ins, add-ons, and apps or in conversations via message or meeting within these services. For more information on storing and processing sensitive data in UMS, refer to the table in Permitted and Restricted Systems for Data Storage and Data Processing
Warning: While add-ins, add-ons, and apps are available within most cloud collaboration services at the university, US:IT does not provide technical support for third-party add-ins, add-ons, or apps or the third-party services with which they integrate, unless the add-in is provided by US:IT.

Third-party add-ins, add-ons, and apps:

  • Are not covered under our agreements with Google, Microsoft, and Zoom.
  • Can never be used with restricted  data, such as Social Security Numbers,, Protected Health Information, Financial Aid data, Criminal Justice Information, or Department of Defense Controlled Unclassified Information unless otherwise noted in the Permitted and Restricted Systems for Data Storage and Data Processing table.
  • May introduce Digital Accessibility barriers, and will require Digital Technology Accessibility review if being used as part of University activities, programs or courses.
  • May display advertisements, require additional terms of service agreements, have a separate privacy policy, or retain your information.
  • May not work as intended if it interacts with services/features that are not available or enabled at the university (e.g., Microsoft Exchange).


  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Google

  • Zoom (currently requires request)


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