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Many compliance programs have specific regulatory and local requirements regarding required controls. A chart of permitted systems for data storage provides information to users of data on what systems can be used to store or process each type of data.
Information to consider before upgrading to macOS Sonoma and general guidance about upgrading to Sonoma.
How to print from a University managed computer to a Xerox printer
The account selection in the Advanced pop-up has been confusing for some. Checking the preferred box to the right of an account does not select the account to charge, but adds it to a Preferred List tab in the standard pop-up. Follow the instructions below to properly select the account to charge.
Information on searching in the TDX KB and Service Catalog
How to fix issue of PaperCut Client not popping up to prompt for account selection or authentication
Project management access for various user security roles in TeamDynamix.
Students have the option to set up an authorized user, like a parent or guardian, who may view or pay their bill online.
Campus myCampus portals are supported primarily by non-IT campus site administrators. Web Technologies supports those site administrators, and the site administrators support other users.