Video will not play

General guidance for when videos that are hosted on Kaltura do not play in Brightspace or other platforms.


  1. Check Kaltura's Status
  2. Verify the user's internet connection is working
  3. Try a different web browser.
  4. If IT Help Desk Staff, check the Video with your "Help Desk" role and see if the video plays for you.
  5. If you have never used Brightspace before with your Kaltura "my media"  click on the "My Media" link on Brightspace's Navbar.  This will load and link their Brightspace and Kaltura accounts and they should see a list of their videos (if they have any).  They can then proceed to work with Kaltura in Brightspace without getting an API error notice.
  6.  Note what player technology (Kaltura, Youtube, etc.) the video is being linked to when not working.
  7. Report the Browser and OS version numbers on any ticket you submit for support
  8. If the users gets a message "session blocked due to 3rd party plugins" access error - check these settings - Enabling Third-Party Cookies on different Web/Mobile Browsers
    1. On the new Microsoft Edge version you must go into Settings and change "Privacy" to "Basic"
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