How to name/rename a device in the Duo MFA management console at

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Instructions on naming or renaming devices in the Duo MFA management console at


  1. Go to the Multi-Factor Authentication Manager 
  2. If necessary, log in
  3. Click the "Test MFA" button
  4. If you have "automatic push" configured, cancel the push request.
  5. Click the "My Settings & Devices" link
  6. Confirm it is really you by using either the "Send Me a Push" or "Enter a Passcode" button
  7. Once you have successfully confirmed yourself, select the "Device Options" button
  8. Select the device you wish to change the name on from the drop down menu
  9. Click the "Change Device Name" button
  10. Edit the device name
  11. Click the "Save" button


  • DUO Management console


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