Zoom Exclamation Point Error when Screen Sharing on Mac Computer

Screen sharing, a popular Zoom function, can have some issues with permissions on Mac machines, especially Macs managed by the University. This article covers specifically the issue of not being able to screen-share because an exclamation mark pops up in the window where a user should be able to select a web browser tag to share. 


IMPORTANT: If you are running an outdated Mac OS like Catalina, be sure to upgrade your Mac OS if the solution below does not work.
  1. While trying to screen share, select the window with the exclamation mark error and click "Share" in the bottom right corner.
  2. A message should appear redirecting to Settings in Security & Privacy. 
    1. If the user is not in a Zoom meeting, going to Security & Privacy in Settings by hand will work as well.
  3. Select the "Screen Recording" category if it's not already selected.
  4. Click the lock icon in the lower left and enter the password used to unlock the computer (the user's @maine.edu account password).
  5. Click the checkbox next to Zoom. This should prompt Zoom to quit or restart. 
  6. Click the lock again to save the changes.
  7. After restarting Zoom, the issue should be resolved.


  • Mac OS
  • Zoom


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