Department Printing and Copying Costs


UMS Employee printing and copying charges will be debited from the same department(s) account as the employee's payroll record.


UMS Employee printing and copying charges will be debited from the same department(s) account as the employee's payroll record. 

Stipends are not included as an option for charging printing and copying to.

If the employee is associated with the wrong account, you will need to contact your supervisor, HR Partner, or fiscal team to initiate salary-level chartfield changes.

Detailed Information

Within Managed Print Services, departments will only be responsible for copy and print usage, not equipment, leases and standard supplies.

Page Rates

  • Black & white copying or printing - departments will will be charged $0.03 per page
  • Color copying or printing - departments will be charged $0.07 per page
  • 11x17 or larger pages will be charged at twice the standard rate

What is included in the Page Rate?

  • The page rate includes:
    • Device maintenance & support
    • Supplies such as toner, waste cartridges and staples
    • Standard copy paper
      • White Paper - Sizes:  8.5x11 / 8.5 x 14 / 11x17
      • Colored Paper (all 8.5 x11) - Blue, Canary, Pink, Gold, Salmon
    • A key operator will be designated for each device who will order supplies and paper as needed.
  • Device lease fees and direct vendor charges will no longer be charged to individual departments and departments will no longer have to purchase standard paper. 
  • Charges against 60603 would be for the new Xerox program based on the per page rate referenced. 
    •   The charges against 64702 were for the Canon program and would be reflective of the last meter reads and usage when the equipment was finally removed.  As FY24 starts you will no longer see charges against 64702.

What Department(s) will I be able to charge to?

  • Employees (including student employees) will only be able to charge printing and copying to the department from which they are paid.  Employees who are paid from multiple accounts will have those accounts available as a selection. Stipends are not included as choices to charge to. See How to see which Shared Accounts you have access to charge to for printing.
    • Employees whose payroll is fully grant funded (Fund 20, 04, & 24), will also have a Shared Account associated with their HR department. 
  • This is an automated process and can not be affected by IT.
  • Reallocation of employee printing and copying charges to other departments (if absolutely needed) is the responsibility of the department or user and can be processed as a Journal Voucher/Entry.
  • We have no method for removing employees (WS or Staff) from being able to print to those accounts.
  • Neither HR nor IT can change the CF's you have available without a change in your HR Payroll record.

I work at UM, what shared account should I use

Effective May 1st, 2024 the UM Campus Business Office will centralize all printing costs to 3 choices to simplify the budgeting and management of Xerox billing. To facilitate this transition, you will notice a change in the “Charge to Share account” selection when printing.

INFO: Please see this article for more details.   UM Share Account choices

I work on multiple Projects/Grants/Programs - can I charge to these?

  • In most situations, copying and general-purpose printing would be considered indirect costs and are included in the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) overhead charged to grants, projects and programs. In these cases, direct costs for copying and printing or for purchasing/leasing devices should not be charged to the grant or program. There are specific circumstances where printing or copying is integral to completing the objective of the award. If this is the case, prior written approval must be obtained from the sponsor and it should be explicitly budgeted. Direct charges for printing and copying will require an internal transfer.  This will ensure that all checks and balances are in place and aid UMS in maintaining compliance.
  • Individuals are typically only given access to print to the same chart field combinations (CFCs) as their salary distribution records through an automated integration which creates Shared Accounts in Papercut.  The integration used to present Shared Accounts to individuals currently includes CFCs that are not appropriate for charging copying and printing costs.   The process is currently being reworked to also include the CFC(s) associated with an individual's “HR” department in cases where salary distributions originate from an inappropriate CFC .  **** Until the update is in place, all individuals should continue to use the CFC’s that are available to them.   After the new CFC’s are available, the Budget office will review and transfer printing charges from federal grant projects to a CFC associated with the employees HR department in order to make sure charges end up in the appropriate budgets. 

Monthly Reports

Each campus CBO office can request monthly copies of all charges related to their campus be emailed to a central address for sharing with individual departments on their campus.  Check with your CBO to determine how you can get a copy. 

INFO: GL charges are calculated on a weekly basis Monday thru Sunday and will not coincide with the Monthly reports.


Ordering Paper

INFO: Key Operators should see How to order Standard Copier Paper for use in Xerox Devices for instructions on ordering supplies and having them charged to a central chartfield (not individual departments).  Non UMS Employees will not be able to order paper through MaineStreet and will need to work with their local campus IT to order paper for Xerox devices,


  • Managed Print Services - Xerox Devices


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