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If you do not have a smart phone thats ok! We can provide you with the following ways to still utilize Multi-factor Authentication(MFA)! 

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The University of Maine System currently supports a couple alternative methods for MFA if you do not have a smart phone.

  • Tablet or Internet Connect Device
    • The Duo Mobile application can be installed on any device that can connect to the Internet and supports the correct software version. You can use an iPad, Galaxy Note, or even a iPhone or Android Phone with no cell service as long as you can connect to Wi-Fi.  In addition, the Duo Mobile application can generate valid codes without any active Internet connection.
  • Hardware "Code Generator" Token
    • Hardware "Code Generator" Tokens are devices that show you a code when you press the button. This code is then typed into a prompt. 
    • US:IT is finalizing the process for using this type of token with UMS MFA.
  • Security Key
    • ​​​​​​​Security Keys are devices that plug into your computer and offer an easy way to verify you. The downfall is that you need to plug this into any device that you want to authenticate with. We are able to work with any WebAuthn/FIDO2 Security keys (Example: Yubico or Feitian)
  • Touch ID
    • The last option we support is TouchID. This is an Apple technology that can be found on certain Mac computers. There are some short falls with this option as you would only be able to login to your account with that 1 specific device. This is our least recommended option but if you still wish to use it you'll need:


  • Duo Multi-factor Authentication


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