Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - What devices can I use?

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This article explains what devices you can use to access the University of Maine System's Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). We have listed some devices that we recommend and listed a few that we can support but only in a limited capacity. If your device is not listed or you are unsure if your device will work, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Detailed Information

Recommended and Fully Supported

Code Generating Token

Available with Limited Support

    Apple Watch
    • Requires DuoMobile 3.8 or greater.
  • Android Watch
    • Currently works but requires some extra setup. Please see the Duo KB for more information. 
  • Touch ID for Mac Devices
  • USB Security Key
    • WebAuthn/FIDO2 Security Key (Example: Yubico or Feitian)
    • A supported browser (Chrome 70Firefox 60Safari 13, Microsoft Edge 79 or later).
    • Available USB Port directly attached to the system requesting MFA verification.
      • Note: USB security keys typically do not work over a remote desktop connection.


  • Duo Multi-factor Authentication