How do I (re)enroll my smart device or code-generating key to MFA?

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If you have deleted the Duo app, the UMS profile, or replaced your phone, you can use the following steps to (re)enroll your smart device. If your code-generating key is generating nonfunctioning codes, there are instructions for that too.


INFO: To (re)enroll your device, you will need another MFA authentication method.  If  you do not have another authentication device, or backup codes, you can contact the UMS Help Desk to obtain a Bypass Code.


  1. Launch MFA, either by signing into a service, or selecting "Manage Multi-factor Authentication" from

  2. When MFA is prompted for, select "Other options".

INFO: Depending on your default MFA authentication method, you may need to cancel a pop-up from your browser.  Do not acknowledge the authentication request via any means prior to selecting "Other options".

Duo Push Prompt with "Other options"

  1. Select Manage devices:

Duo List of authentication options, including "Manage Devices"

  1. Select the type of your "backup" authenticator, use bypass code if you are going to use a nine-digit backup code or bypass code supplied by the help desk.

Duo verify identity before Managed Device Access

  1. You should be able to use the "I have a new phone" option on your existing device entry to reactivate the profile on your smart device

Duo listing of smart device, including "I have a new phone" option.

  1. If "I have a new phone" is not present or does not work, you can enroll a new device (and remove the non-functional device).

    1. For a code-generating token/key that is giving nonfunctional codes, you may simply add the device as if it were new, which will update the current device in your device manager. 

    2. If the token continues not to work, please check this article, "I entered my code from my code generator or Duo app, but it doesn't work."

Duo Device Management "Add a device" option.


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