"Microsoft 365, also known as Office 365 or Office.com, is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools from Microsoft, allowing you to work from where ever you are and with virtually any device. It integrates apps you need to collaborate with your classmates or coworkers.

Current student, faculty or can log into Office.com with the UMS credentials, thereby gaining access to an Microsoft 365 account. They can then install and.or use the following products.
- Office Pro Plus - A full version of the latest version of Office for Windows or Mac for a personally-owned computer.
- Office Online - A web based version of Office.
- Office for iPad, iPhone and Android. (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)

Please Note: Microsoft 365 accounts will use the @maine.edu account of the user, and password. Do not attempt to change this password via Office.com. This must be done by changing your UMS account password ."

Articles (9)

Adding the Turnitin Draft Coach "add-in" to Microsoft Word online

The Turnitin Draft Coach add-in will need to be installed before use. This article provides the necessary steps for adding the Microsoft Office Online "Add-in" for "Draft Coach" by Turnitin.

How to install Mendeley Cite Plug-in for Microsoft Word

How to install Mendeley Cite Plug-in for Word

Microsoft Office 365 - Free for faculty, staff & students

The University of Maine System has an agreement with Microsoft which allows for current Faulty, Staff, and Students to access Office365 on their personal devices. Office365 can either be used online within a web browser or be installed on a computer for offline use.

Microsoft Office 365 and your @maine.edu account privacy settings

Microsoft Office 365 and your @maine.edu account privacy settings details and information

Microsoft Office license issues on Mac computers

How to fix Office 365 license issue on macOS

Microsoft Office on MacOS prompts with Updates Required, but Updates fail to install

How to update Office to a new version when updates fail on an older version

Microsoft Word Autocorrecting in Multiple Languages

Microsoft Word, ordinarily a benign and accessible way to write, may all of a sudden begin to mark correctly-spelled words wrong. Not only that, but the suggestions can be in other languages than English! Luckily, Microsoft comes to the rescue with a support article, summarized here.

Microsoft Word Run-time error '53': File not found on Mac

If you are experiencing the following "Run-time error '53': File not found" error while using the Microsoft Word program on a Macintosh computer, this article is for you.

Security Risk: Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of the file is untrusted

How to enable macros when opening a document from the internet in Office 365