Managed Print Services (Xerox) Implementation FAQ's

UMS is in the process of implementing a new Managed Print Services program working with Xerox. This article will address questions that have been asked during the implementation work and will be updated frequently.

Please refer to the Managed Print Services (Xerox) Vision and Overview article for general information about the implementation. 

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INFO 2: For more general information on Xerox, visit this webpage: Managed Print Services FAQs.

Detailed Information


Scanning & Faxing

Costs & Charges

Faculty & Staff


  • Students may print and copy using any device that can physically access using Pay-For Print.  For more information, see the Pay-For-Print section of the Knowledge Base
  • Students will work student jobs will have access to charge the department(s) for which they work.

What are the new devices and how will they be managed?

When will Xerox devices be installed?

  • As of June 30, 2023, most of the Xerox devices have been installed with the exception of some off-campus locations and a few rooms/areas where renovations ro construction has not been completed.

Device Model & Placement Decisions

  • Who makes the recommendations for devices and placement?

    • UMS signed a contract for Managed Print Services with Xerox Business Solutions.  The Xerox Assessment process with identify current printer/copier/fax equipment and capabilities, map the equipment locations, and report historical usage.  Xerox will make recommendations to replace, remove, or keep existing equipment to optimize the fleet and meet the needs of the campus.  The recommendations are being provided to the Campus CBO and Director of Campus Technology.  The campuses are then reviewing with stakeholders to adjust the recommendation to meet the campus needs. 

  • Who will see the draft plan of where the new printers will go? How long will we have to submit adjustments to the plan?

    • Each campus is approaching this a bit differently at the direction of the campus CBO. 

  • I work for a Cooperative Extension office. No one has visited our office as far as I know.

    • Xerox has begun conducting virtual site visits for Coop Extensions, UMA University Centers, Research sites, and other locations.

  • We have a large department with heavy printing needs.. Do you foresee any roadblocks for student access on our printers or other issues?

    • UMS:IT is partnering with Xerox to deliver a consistent end-user experience for every user, on every device, at all UMS locations.  If the device is physically accessible then students will be able to Print, Copy, and Scan.  The Xerox Assessment will identify equipment to meet the needs of the area mapped on the floor plan and Campus as a whole.  Historical Print/Copy volume of current equipment and will inform decisions to replace, remove, or keep the equipment.  As part of a Managed Print Services program, Xerox will continue to monitor usage and make recommendations to adjust and relocate equipment to meet future needs.

  • My desktop printer is the only access that our department has to self-print color documents. Will the possible new Xerox machine be able to print color? If we are losing desktop models, we will need access to color toner.

    •  Access to Print/Copy equipment capable of printing color has been identified as a universal need based on feedback.  The Xerox Assessment process and recommendations to Campuses will include a larger number of color capable Print/Copy equipment

  • What if we learn that a device is under-sized or over-sized once we start using it?

    • As part of the contract with Xerox, an assessment of use will be conducted at least once a year.  They may recommend moving devices, or shifting equipment between locations to optimize the life span of the equipment. The expected life span of a copier is 5 years.


  • What will happen if we have issues with our Canon printers in the interim (before Xerox rollout)? Who should we reach out to?

    • UMS:IT will be the primary contact for service and support of the existing Canon fleet.  For more information please visit the Canon Device Support knowledge base article.

  • What if we run out of toner and other printing supplies for the Canon printers?

    • UMS:IT has inventory of commonly used toner located at each campus.  For devices that are high volume we have been working with departments to provide supplies at the copier.  For more information please visit the Canon Device Support knowledge base article.

  • I have a desktop printer in my office, will it be removed?

    • The Xerox assessment of printing and copying considered desktop printers currently in use include age, volume, operational efficiency, and specialty use cases.  In many cases, the new Xerox devices have been selected to meet the needs previously filled by these devices in more sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.  While we understand that these costly to operate, inefficient devices may not not be completely eliminated, to optimize printing and copying throughout UMS, the use of desktop printers should be minimized. Each campus will develop guidelines for minimizing the costs associated with such devices while accounting for critical exceptions. 



  • UMS Managed Print Services using Xerox Devices
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