Printing to a Xerox printer from a personally owned (BYOD) device


How to print to the new University-owned Xerox Printers from a personal mobile device or laptop.


Personally owned devices, also known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)s, can print to University-managed Xerox printers, once they roll out to their campus location, using the instructions below.


Set-up and print


WARNING: Access is available on the UMS EduRoam wireless network or when running the Remote Access VPN. You will need to be connected to EduRoam or via the Remote Access VPN to get to (See the Related Articles section of the page on the right if you need help with getting connected.)
INFO: You will need add printing funds to your campus card, see Add funds to UMS OneCard for PaperCut Pay for Print.
WARNING: If you will be printing with a Guest Copy Card, make sure to enter your Copy Card credentials (username = Copy Card #, password = last four digits of card number) when logging into PaperCut during set-up.
  1. iOS 

  2. Using your Safari browser, go to and sign in with your UMS credentials.
  3. Near the bottom of the page, click "View in Desktop mode".
  4. Click on the Install BYOD Print on the left hand menu.
  5. Click the Download button to download the Profile.
  6. Open SettingsGeneralProfile. Select the PaperCut Mobility Print for iOS
  7. Click Install in the upper right.
  8. You print as you normally would with your Operating system and the job is held until you release it at the printer. See Releasing Jobs section below.


  1. Using your Chrome browser, go to and sign in with your UMS credentials.
  2. Click on the Install BYOD Print on the left hand menu.
  3. Click the button to Install or Update the Mobility Print App.
  4. Click Install in the upper right.
  5. You print as you normally would with your Operating system and the job is held until you release it at the printer. See Releasing Jobs section below.

MacOS or Windows laptop (non-domain joined)

WARNING: Uninstall any previously installed PaperCut Clients and queues. See Uninstall the PaperCut Client and Uninstall Print Deploy Client.
  1. Go to and log in with your UMS credentials.
  2. Click on the Install BYOD Print on the left hand menu.
  3. Follow the instructions for your Operating System

After set-up, you will no longer have a client that pops up when printing. You print as you normally would with your Operating system and the job is held until you release it at the printer. See Releasing Jobs section below.


WARNING:  Requires ChromeOS 103+
WARNING: If you had been using PaperCut Mobility Print Cloud print previously to print to Canon (or Savin) printers, then you should uninstall the PaperCut extension before going to the set-up link to set it up to print to the new Xerox printers. See Chrome documentation on how to uninstall an extension.
  1. Install Mobility Print Extension
  2. Authenticate when prompted
  3. Go to PaperCut Mobility Print Cloud Print link
  4. Follow any instructions presented on the page in your browser
  5. After the message appears in the window indicating it installed your queues, you can print by pressing Ctrl + P, then see the Releasing Jobs section below.
    • WARNING: In the Print Dialogue window that appears, you may need to click See more to see the UMS-BYOD-FindME queue that gets installed

Linux (and others)

WARNING: Linux computers and other operating systems with standard web browsers can print using Web Print, but it has more limitations such as file-type and file size. File type supported includes PDF, DOC/DOCX (and other Microsoft Office Word formats), XLS/XLSX (and other Microsoft Office Excel Formats), PPT/PPTX (and other Microsoft Office PowerPoint formats) and Microsoft XPS (XML Paper Specification). Web Print also supports image formats including JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP.
  1. In a browser (Chrome recommended) go to
  2. Log in with your PaperCut credentials (same as your UMS or Copy Card)
  3. Select Web Print from the left navigation pane
  4. Click Submit a Job
  5. Select the number of copies and which account to charge 
  6. Click Upload Documents
  7. Click Upload from computer
  8. Select the file and click Open
  9. Wait at least 10 seconds (or for some formats, a green check will appear over the icon for the file in WebPrint) to make sure the file has finished uploading
  10. Click Upload Complete
  11. Once it shows "Held in a queue", go to the printer and release the job. See Releasing Jobs section below for instructions.

Web Print showing job list and status, with held in a queue for a status for the job listed

WARNING: If you print multiple copies of a PDF file, each copy is processed as a separate job to reduce server and network load.

Releasing Jobs

  1. Go to the Xerox printer and swipe your campus OneCard to authenticate to the printer
  2. Click Print Release
    • PaperCut MF app screen on the printer display with Print Release button
  3. Select the checkbox on the job(s) you want to release and then click Print
    • OR click the > to the right of the job to review and confirm job details such as the account to be charged, color or black and white, and duplex or single-sided.
      • List of jobs waiting release on printer display, showing > to the right of job name
    • Then click Print.
      • Job details screen with editable details such as duplex, number of copies and Account to charge
        • Note: If you are authorized to use Shared Accounts and are printing from a University Managed macOS or Windows device, you will receive an insufficient fund error if you try to print without selecting an account to charge to either from the job details or from the PaperCut Client. See User with access to Shared Account for a department receives an "insufficient funds" error when going to release the job at the printer
        • WARNING: The Balance will always say $0.00 for Personal Accounts, since PaperCut is not set up to display balances of printing funds in Transact yet. Your Campus Bucks website should have your balance information, you you want to check it. PaperCut will return an Insuffient Funds error after you click Print, if it does not see funds in Transact when it goes to charge the print job.

Troubleshooting BYOD Printing

  1. Check for any PaperCut Print Deploy or PaperCut Print Deploy Clients and uninstall them if found
    • Uninstall PaperCut Mobility Print

    • Uninstall PaperCut Print Deploy by going to the PaperCut Print Deploy appiication folder (C:\Program Files\PaperCut Print Deploy for Windows and \Applications\PaperCut Print Deploy on macOS) and run the uninstall.command

  2. Remove the UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue from Printers & Scanners

  3. Follow the steps in the Instructions section above to re-install

  4. If job pauses in queue for authentication, click resume and enter UMS credentials when prompted

    • If credentials were stored, ensure to re-save with new password

      • macOS - In KeyChain Access, look for Login password for UMS-BYOD-FindMe

  5. Reboot the computer, then test print
  6. If Windows 11 and the UMS-BYOD-FindMe doesn't show up in Printers & Scanners after install or disappears after the computer restarts, see UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue does not show in Printers and Scanners on Windows computer after installation of BYOD Printing
  7. If on ChromeOS and it was previously working using the Mobility Print App, see Mobility Print App Migration Guide.
  8. If after completing all the troubleshooting steps, the user still cannot print, then attach the following logs to the ticket:
    • Windows 
      • C:\Program Files\PaperCut Mobility Print Client\data\logs\mobility-print-client.log
      • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\PaperCutMobilityPrintClient (zip up the entire folder)
    • macOS
      • \Applications\PaperCut Mobility Print Client\data\logs\pc-mobility-print-client.log


INFO: While waiting for a resolution, the user may be able to go to and use Webprint to print instead.



  • Xerox
  • PaperCut Pay-for-print


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