Ingests/captures video from multiple sources such as video file upload, computer screen, webcam or attached video camera (may require additional computer hardware), allows for the manipulation of uploaded video content and makes the video available for streaming to computers and other devices through a web browser and integration with learning management systems, such as the University's Blackboard system. Includes automatic captioning (requires manual checking to meet disability accessibility guidelines).

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Completing Common Tasks In Kaltura and Using the My Media Tool

Kaltura is a video-asset management platform used by the UMS system; it can be used to host video materials, and the My Media tool can be used to organize created content.

How do I download my Kaltura Videos

A step by step walk through for downloading your kaltura video recordings. Accessed through Kaltura or Brightspace my media.

How do I submit a video assignment to Brightspace

How do I submit a video assignment to Brightspace

Kaltura Capture Camera Freezing on Mac

For Macs experiencing issues while using Kaltura Capture, including freezing, error messages, or being unable to stop a recording, sometimes altering the system settings is all that's needed.

Kaltura: How do I find videos and content?

When accessing videos and content in Kaltura,  we may find we need to search for the videos. This walkthrough will cover two scenarios.

Professional Captioning for Kaltura Videos

Kaltura automatic captions do not meet the requirements for disability accessibility for a person who is deaf or hard of hearing.  For such cases "professional captioning" is available.

Removing Captions in Kaltura

All videos that come into Kaltura are automatically machined captioned in US English for accessibility. Sometimes a user may wish to delete one or more captions that have been added to a video. This process guides you through how to delete any undesired caption tracks.

Staff Inquires about posting a video for an audience (USM)

Information to provide USM Staff member when they want to post a video for an audience.

Trouble Accessing or Embedding Kaltura Videos

Occasionally, Brightspace users attempting to view or embed Kaltura videos may receive an "Access Denied" or "Application Error" message when accessing content. These instructions will assist with the most common solution.

Using Kaltura Capture for Brightspace and personal recordings

Kaltura Capture - Using Kaltura Capture for Brightspace and personal recordings. How to download and access Kaltura. Instructions and walk through for how to record and upload your Kaltura recordings. Detailed step by step instructions and documentations.

Video will not play

General guidance for when videos that are hosted on Kaltura do not play in Brightspace or other platforms.